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Homegrown in Houston, Tx, CeCe has developed a career in the medical and healthcare field, became a published model and featured actress, an inspiring recreational sportswoman and skate coach of EduSk8 skate lessons. She began her journey in skating as an adolescent and has been skating for over 20 years. Throughout the years she has tackled a variety of skate genres, skills and techniques that has helped shape her into the person she is today. CeCe has participated in many parades, preformed for city elections and has been a candidate for America’s got Talent. She’s attended many community events, skate lessons and participated in several city celebrations. As life presented obstacles and gaps that needed filling, skating filled those gaps and neutralized adversities for her especially as a kid, skating was a powerful tool for her. Therefore, her main interest is giving back to the youth and community. She encourages others to surround themselves with positive, sincere individuals who they can be educated from and supported by.  She aims to teach new ways of coping with life, finding healthier ways of living and touch hearts along the way all while skating. CeCe educates how skating is all about the connection you have with yourself, your skates and what you can give back to the world from it.  She expresses, “I’m very passionate about skating, it is not just a hobby it’s a lifestyle.”

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Chuck Burch, CPA, Money Man, Influencer, Skater.

Chuck Burch is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He currently resides in DeSoto, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), he is a husband, father, business owner, philanthropist, CPA, CFP®, and most importantly, a man of God. He started skating at the age of four and has been on wheels for over fifty years. As he explains, skating is the ultimate outlet, providing a physical and mental workout that cannot be achieved in any other way.  Skating complements every facet of his life and permeates everything he does. As a skater, he serves as a coach, teacher, mentor, and problem solver, helping others achieve their skating success. Chuck says every day at the rink is different, which makes it interesting and challenging, and provides a place of consistency and peace. Chuck has meteoric energy to him, and you can tell it in the way he speaks about his experiences. Like most of us, his journey was a series of ups and downs. He isn’t one to dwell too much on misfortune and instead focuses on the end goals and the learning. He doesn’t speak too much on how difficult it must have been to grow up in the inner city of Detroit, put himself through college, or how he turned getting laid off into owning his own business. Chuck merely brushes past these facts to elaborate on the doing, what he did, how he made it work, how to turn a dollar, and the list goes on. Chuck’s actions have brought about the success he has today.  His experiences have helped him navigate and explore a new path, starting his own business and flourishing as an OG in the skate world. By day, I am a CPA, CFP, Financial Advisor, and Business Development Consultant.  At night, I am a “Skater”.  My goal: To integrate Roller Skating into every facet of life.   Most impressive achievements • Raised and Awarded over $150,000 in Scholarship Dollars • Helped Hundreds of students attend College • Started and grown a successful Financial Services firm • Implemented a successful Annual Roller Skating Fundraiser • Serves as the ultimate advocate for Roller Skating.

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Clyde McCoy (a.k.a IceFromPhilly) is the Co-Founder and frontman for The Wizards on Wheels roller skating group and has done Regular performances for city-wide major events and toured with recording artists such as Kirk Franklin, Public Enemy, Tom Joyner. Clyde also assisted with performances with the Wheels of Fire roller skating group and with various dance companies.   Clyde is a Member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) with credited roles as an extra in Luther's Choice, The Rocky Series, Philadelphia, Roll Bounce, Law Abiding Citizen, Creed I and II. Clyde also formed High-Energy roller-skating duo with Lisa Campolo. Performed at cultural events, parades, and music venues Expanded High Energy to the group The Wizards on Wheels in 1987. Today Clyde shares his expertise with skaters from far and wide to improve the knowledge base of all who value the “ART” of skating. 



Amirah Palmer is a visionary and serial entrepreneur of 25 years. After exiting the military she noticed a need for expedited passports for service members' families; she filled the gap by securing a contract with the Department of State to process expedited passports for clients in need of urgent travel. Likewise in skate culture, she observed that the stories of skaters were not being recorded, so she created a platform for skaters to share their journey's unaltered and The Evolution of Skating book series was born. The focus is to ensure that the skate culture and legacy of the skaters  is recorded in history and is accessible to all  by ensuring that the publication appears online, in bookstores, public libraries and museums. internationally.



Dr. L. David Stewart (a.k.a. Nizm) is a multi-faceted creative professional with an academic and management pedigree. Trained as an architect, he brings 25 years of experience within the AEC arena.  As an educator, Dr. Stewart has 10 years of experience. Teaching such subjects as Risk Finance, Public Speaking, Professional Practice, Diversity Marketing and Digital Media.  Dr Stewart's goal is to impact people and organizations positively, to usher in collaboration, cooperation, while creating culture for not only positive revenue generation but positive footprints for future generations.  Dr. Stewart has been a skater for 31 years (including 24 has a JB skate, Formal figure skating training 3 years).  Dr. Stewart is also a founding member of the Chicago skate crew Suicide Kings, and Writer/Co-Producer of the Adrenaline Award nominated song “Skate Music” NIZM - Skate Music f/ Dmillz - YouTube (2009). Most recently he was a Consultant  of the Emmy-nominated documentary United Skates Documentary (2018).

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 Eugene White attended Central Missouri State University in his early years but felt the traditional classroom educational format did not suit his professional pursuits. With a vision and purpose in his sights Mr. White abandoned the structured education model to pursue his professional dreams in a uniquely unorthodox manner. By independently studying and perfecting his knowledge in multiple areas of finance, engineering, and business operations, his vision of a multi-functional corporate conglomerate was born.  Eugene has been a roller skater for 40 years, he is the inventor of one wheel roller skating and the lQ1 skate , the creator/instructor of ballroom dancing on skates, he was undefeated in skate competitions for 15 years, the co-producer of the award winning documentary "The Rink" and appeared in a Pepsi commercial and the RiverFront times front cover of the newspaper. 



Helen is a Chicago, IL native with a long career in human resources working in city government, Fortune 500 organizations and most recently in the non-profit sector.  She holds multiple degrees including a B.S. in Business from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL and a B.S. in Agricultural and Journalism from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.  Her love of skating began at an early age but blossomed after going to her first indoor skating rink in the community which she lived.  Her first session at Rollerena skating rink on the southside of Chicago in the early 1970’s was a life changing event and she never looked back.  She honed her skills and nurtured friendships that have lasted for over 40 years.  Though life experiences caused her to skate less frequently while away at college, she never lost her love and passion for the sport.  She was privileged to experience the development of many of the skate moves performed at Chicago skating rinks in the early 70’s and have morphed into what is currently referred to as JB Style.  The anthesis of this early style was never named but was instead referenced by the moves created including the Bucky Walk, Long Step, Shuffle, Crazy Leg and Big Wheel, to name a few.   Since renewing her presence in the skating community her name has become synonymous with the brand Legends of the Wood, along with her three co-horts.  As a long-time member of the roller-skating community, she envisions a broader reach within the very communities that not only made roller skating popular but also used it to develop and grow friendships for a lifetime.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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