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May 29, 2022

May 29th  2022, BRSF made it’s public introduction in San Francisco California, during a yearly parade held in San Francisco. BRSF members, Amirah Palmer, Clyde “Ice” McCoy, Helen Wolfe, Chuck Burch, Dr. L. David “Nizm” Stewart, and David Miles were present.

This was a culmination of months of work establishing the organization legally and fiscally in preparation for the work per the mission statement, which is to direct the organization.

Shortly after the parade, BRSF members went across the bridge to Oakland, and skated with skaters at Liberation Park, sharing tips and having a good time with fellow skaters.


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July 3, 2022

Today, July 3rd, the Black Roller Skating Federation (BRSF) is proud to announce our partnership, endorsement and backing of Chicago based, nationally renown figure skating and rhythm skating artist, Mr. Darius Sanders.

Mr. Sanders is a 7 - time regional and national champion as well as 4th ranked roller skater internationally. We at BRSF, in collaboration, with Mr. Sanders and his family will work to cultivate and innovate Mr. Sanders in his development as a figure skating and rhythm skating artist. In the coming months we will make concurrent announcements relevant to Mr. Sanders endeavors as he continues to positively impact the culture and community we are all so passionate about. For more information on Mr. Sanders, please view his press release in this post. Also be on the lookout for his story in The Evolution of Skating, Volume 5, which will be subsequently released July 9th.

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December 15th - 18th 2022

December 15 -18, 2022

Skate 4 Scholarships.

Thursday Dec 15

BRSF in partnership with Skate 4 Scholarships collaborated and hosted a skating weekend that was focused on exercise and education. The event, was a collaborative effort with numerous organizations. Thursday 12/15 was Black Greek Letter organizations. The Divine 9 was well represented with $2500 Given away in scholarships

Friday Dec 16

Friday evening BRSF held its first yearly retreat. A review of the events of the year and how to better serve the community in 2023. BRSF hosted the Friday event, with skaters from far and wide.  BRSF shared information about purpose, focus and how to be reached. $2500 was given away in scholarships.


Saturday Dec 17

The morning started with lessons. BRSF Members, Ice, Leo and Nizm gave lessons in general skating, Ballroom style and JB Style.   The even followed with a major giveaway of more scholarships and was well attended by youth, college students, and adults alike. $2500 was given away in scholarships.


Sunday Dec 18

The final night was skating and $5000 more in scholarships were given out. For the entire weekend well over $12500 was given out. The community after the reception of this even looks forward to the 2023 Skate 4 Scholarship with more anticipation. 

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April 22, 2023

April 22, 2023

Darius Sanders + BRSF

At the JBX Reunion Party, BRSF Members Dr. L. David Stewart and Helen Wolfe were on hand to present Mr. Darius Sander with a financial contribution to assist with his skating aspirations. As noted in the presentation, BRSF has been working with Mr. Sanders and his family on his international skate goals since July 2022. 

Continuing the mission of advocacy and agency, we are proud of Darius Sanders and look forward to the great things he is and will continue to do for our community  of skating

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